Training Program Development

Many operations don’t conduct formal needs assessments or spend time thinking about whether or not training is the solution to reducing accidents/incidents or increasing production. This means you run the risk of misdiagnosing a problem and wasting time and money. A properly conducted training assessment leads directly to an informed decision on your training requirements to improve safety and increase production. At Global West we will design and implement your training program at your work site.

We offer the following services:

  • Analysis of training needs on your work site
  • Customized training packets by equipment type/make/model
  • Equipment operator training, assessment, and re-evaluation templates
  • Equipment training documentation & tracking
  • Customized task training packets
  • Job task training, assessment, and documentation
  • Job observation documentation and tracking
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) development or review and analysis of existing procedures

Training Program Implementation

A site visit is necessary for effective implementation of the program.

  • Analysis of existing technical infrastructure, ensuring required hardware and programs are in place for the set-up and efficient use of the training system.
  • Provide IT support to get everything up and running.
  • Transfer of all developed documentation, matrices, templates, etc. onto your computer systems at your site.
  • We will work with your trainer(s) at start-up to ensure a seamless transition and effective use of the system.
  • We will return to site to conduct audits and ensure the system is being used effectively to its full potential.


Feel free to contact us should you have any additional questions regarding our Training System Development

Does the whole training program/system development need to be purchased at once?

No, an individual cost list can be provided for available services and documentation templates listed in the “Training System Development” section. Email for details. We will work with you to customize your training program according to your specific needs!

Can I preview training documentation templates before I purchase them?

Yes, a sample image file of certain documentation can be provided for review upon request. Just email with your request and we will get you what you need!

What kind of training would work with your program?

Our program is primarily geared towards heavy industrial equipment and task training for virtually any type of work performed in an industrial setting. This includes surface and underground mining, civil construction, earthworks, and industrial processing. Check out our services under “Training System Program”.