Create Your Own Training Portal

Provide your workers with access to hundreds of premium safety courses directly from your own company branded web page, for a minimal set-up fee. Set up a corporate online training portal to give your employees on-demand access to all SafetyNET courses.


Want to administer safety training courses directly to your employees?

It can be a huge undertaking and expense to develop in house online training courses, purchase or build an LMS to deliver them, and integrate and maintain a system to manage all online training courses for your employees. It can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and that is just the beginning! Learning Management Systems require constant updates and maintenance to ensure training programs continue to work with ever-changing web-enabled technology and you will require a technical support team that is savvy enough to keep up. Skip the hassle, headache, and expense by letting us take care of it all.
Online training can help supplement a blended learning model, combining online theory delivery with on-site or in-class hands-on instruction and testing. It saves companies significant time and money by providing fundamental knowledge to trainees, streamlining the learning process.

In three easy steps, we can provide your company with a fully-managed, turnkey solution for your company to offer hundreds of premium online safety training courses directly from your website.

Step One

Provide us with a company logo and a web page link that your workers will use to navigate to your training portal.


Step Two

Review the custom-branded online portal that we create for you. Once approved, we turn it live so that your employees can utilize the most comprehensive library of online safety training courses available on the Internet.


Step Three

We take care of the portal setup and technical support. A corporate sub-portal gives you access to a full Learning Management System custom-branded to your company’s website, or we can create you a separate web-based login page.

    The system allows you to effortlessly create accounts for your employees and assign them safety training courses from The SafetyNET without the need to pre-buy any seats; you only pay for courses that your employees complete.